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US Bangla Medical College Unit

Year of Establishment: 2017
Brief History of Medicine Club, USBMC:

The journey was started near about 2years ago. Few students of US-Bangla Medical College called for a meeting to the Gallery 2 of US-Bangla Medical College.The theme of the meeting was to initiate an organization that will connect us with the people who are in need of our assistance.Some of us first proposed for a blood bank. We proposed to our authority about a blood bank and they were overwhelmed at our idea,theyagreed to support us but as we were few in number we could only do live donations.We were looking for an organization which could quench our thirst to do more, who could strengthen our hands, which could do more then only blood donations, which had all the functions that are needed for the people, the works that a medical student could do. At that moment some of our honorable seniors*JOY KUNDU (USBMC 01), * SHAMIM IMTIAZ (USBMC 02), *BAYAZID BOSTAMI (USBMC 02), *RABBI AHMED RAYHAN (USBMC 02)proposed the name of Medicine club which is based on the motto,”Learn & Let others learn to serve the humanity in the best possible manner” & also gave a preliminary idea of the activities of Medicine Club in a nutshell.All of the students eagerly showed interest to their proposal.After a few days we started communicating with the Central committee to be a part of Medicine Club family to help the poor & underprevilliged people. We began to work with our heart and soul to fulfil the prerequisites to become a part of the family.They called us to participate the 20th central Conference that was held by GSVMCU.The eleven students lead the path of foundation of Medicine Club,US-Bangla Medical College by participating the 20th central conference.
Our convening committee had been approved on December 2017 in #20th Central Conference which was held by GSVMCU.After getting convening committee we arrange quite a few programmes on behalf of medicine club.It is not easy to become a new unit but if we have the honest desire to do something we can definitely find a way to accomplish this that’s why we are hoping to establish US-Bangla Medical College as a new unit in the 21st central conference.We are very grateful to them who supported us especially JannatulFerdousJyoti (president 2016-17 session ) , Md. Adnan Reza ( CGS 2016-17 session ), JoydebBasak ( president 2017-18 session ), NoushinNowar (CGS 2017-18 session ) who helped us from the very beginning of our journey till now & giving us proper instructions.To be honest,we could not be here without having the directions from them.
That is how Medicine Club,US-Bangla Medical College started its journey to serve the humanity in the best possible manner.
Medicine Club,US-Bangla Medical College
Kornagop, Rupgonj,Narayangonj
Contact no.
Founder Convener :JoyKundu – 01796839330
FounderMember Secretary : Rabbi Ahmed Rayhan -01793530077

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