History: We started our journey towards the goal of becoming able doctors at Gono University on July 1998. From that moment on we had the opportunity to observe and realise the sadness & sorrows of poor and destitutes. We saw that they are unable to gather money, medicines and fresh blood. We understood that we have to do something for them and decided to help them through blood donations. But we faced multiple hindrances, initially. There were no systems for donor list, registration or blood grouping. That’s why we tried to find an easy way for helping the poor and helpless. There were multiple death casualties in Gonoshasthaya Kendra and other facilities from simply lack of blood. In meantime lot of blood banks grew up like weeds and made it to the market. People were forced to buy expensive contaminated blood from them due to lack of knowledge. So, in order to help those people we established a volunteer organisation named “Sanchay” with the help of 1st, 2nd & 3rd batch students of MBBS & BDS and permission of Vice Chancellor Dr Amirul Islam Chowdhury on 4th April, 2000. Tarina Hasan Khan of 1st batch took the first step on establishing the club. After that, in 2002 we went under the banner of “Medicine Club” and from then on we kept encouraging viable donors and solving blood related problems.

Mail:  mc.gsvmcunit@gmail.c­om
1. President-MD Shahinur Islam
General Secretary-MD Monzur Rahman 

2. President-MD Monzur Rahman
General secretary- MD Sayad Abdullah Al Nahid

3. President-Monoyara Akter Mini
General Secretary-Mohammad Ali

4. President-MD Shahinur Islam
General secretary- MD Sayad Abdullah Al Nahid

5. President-Mohammad Ali
General Secretary- Fazlur karim

6. President-Fazlur karim
General secretary-MD Rafiqul Islam

7. President-MD Al Amin Uzzol
General secretary- Auyal Hossen Fatul

8. President- Kazi Bristy Ahmed 
General secretary-Shidhartho­ shankor Bos

9. President-Shidhartho­ shankor Bos
General secretary-Mehjabin Binte Rashid

10. President-Nasir Uddin
General secretary-MD Nurul Islam khan

11. President-MD Nurul Islam khan
General secretary-Shakhawat Hossen kawsar

12. President-Monirul Islam
General secretary-Tasnuva Afrin Tisha

13. President-Tasnuva Afrin Tisha
General secretary-Sumaiya Akter Shoshi

14. President-MD Saddam hossen
General secretary-MD Shawkin Hasan Shanjid

15. President-Nure Alam Ziko
General secretary-MD Mahmud ul Hasan Mishu

16. President-MD Shohag Rana
General secretary-Asaduzzama­n khan

17. President-Rifat Hasan Rony
General Secretary-Joydeb Bosak

18. President-Rifat Hasan Rony
General secretary-Jiman chawdhury

19. President-Asif Foysal Shovon
General secretary-Ferdous Alam
20. President- Sourav Chandra Das
GeneralSecretary- Mumtahina Naurin Mim (present)

President-sourav chandra das 01964102521
General Secretary -Mumtahina naurin mim 
2019-20 Committee:
1) President – Sourav Chandra Das
2)Vice president (1)-Meraj Ahmed Shithil
3)Vice president (2)- Nasim Ahmed Joy
4)General Secretary – Mumtahina Naurin Mim
5)Assistant General Secretary (1)- Jannatul Ferdush Jeba
6)Assistant General Secretary (2)-Mahmudul Hasan Rubel
7)Organizing Secretary – Mahfuj Auntor
8)Assistant Organizing secretary – Mustakim Ahamed
9)Finance Secretary – Bushra Hema
10)Assistant Finance Secretary- Enamul Nazir Tanoy
11)Clinical Secretary – Sumaiya  Khanam
12)Assistant Clinical Secretary – Mahmudul Hasan Mahfuz
13)Seminar Secretary – Md.Kawsar Hossain 
14)Assistant Seminar Secretary – Hasan Rakib Manob
15)Pre- clinical Secretary – Farah Galeeb priyo
16)Assistant pre- clinical secretary – Sabrina Toma
17)Statistical Secretary – Moshiur Rahman
18)Assistant Statistical Secretary – Parvez Mahmud Bishal
19)Cultural Secretary – Rukaiya Jabin
20) Assistant cultural secretary – Anher Habiba Nishat
21)Office Secretary – Tanjila Rimi
22)Assistant Office Secretary – Asik pranto
23) Mag & Publication Secretary – Areefin Turzo
24)Assistant Mag & Publication Secretary – Shahadat Hossain ovi 25)Social Welfare Secretary – Hasan shahriyar Nahid
26)Assistant Social welfare secretary – Atik Murshed
27) Executive Body Member (1)- Sakib Ferdoush Tonmoy
28)Executive Body Member(2)- Tahsina yasmin Mukti
29)Executive Body Member (3)- Tawheed kabir shawn
30) Executive Body Member (4)- Nusrat Jahan Ale
31)Executive Body Member(5)- Kamrun Nahar Ria
Central Adviser: 
1.Dr. Shahinoor Islam
2.Dr. Chandan Saha
3.Dr. Kabir Uddin Shikder
4.Dr. Farida Yesmin Mowsumi
5.Dr. Soud Malik
6.Dr. Mohammad Ali
7.Dr. Awal Hossain
8.Dr. Ashikur Rahman 
9.Late. Dr. Hasna Hena Sathi
10.Dr. Joydeb Basak