Unit name: Medicine Club, Rangpur Medical College Unit

Established in: 21 January 2000


Medicine Club, Rangpur Medical College unit passes several years towards the light of humanity. With the motto of “Learn & let others learn to serve the humanity in the best possible manner”. Medicine Club, Rangpur Medical College unit has started its journey on 21 January 2000. But it was only starting. We the Medicinians of RpMC unit had to struggle with the evil thoughts for our permanent room. We took a step for ‘hunger strike’. After some tought days, we got our need. We started to walk towards upstairs. Day by day we have increased our speed to the destination. We became friend of poor & helpless people. After few days we became well known & got our reward “the smile of happiness”. Now we are a big family. We have passed several glorious years. We tried to fulfill the needs of locality. For the purpose we have rewarded by various institutions. We medicinians of RpMCU are fully dedicated to our beloved club to make it a model institution of humanity.
President and GS of different Session (Rpmc Unit)


Medicine Club, Rangpur Medical College Unit

2nd floor, Mid block,

Rangpur Medical College Hospital,


Contact no.:

Official No:
President : Sunanda Sarker ( 01811130911)
General Secretary : Faisal Mukit (01616505404)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MedicineClubRpmcUnit
Official email : info.mc.rpmc@gmail.com