What is thalassaemia?


It is an inherited blood disorder widespread in the Mediterranean countries, Asia & Africa. “Inherited” means they are passed on from parents to children through genes. Thalassaemia causes the body to make fewer healthy red blood cells & less hemoglobin than normal. About 80-90 million people are carrying thalassaemia all over the world. Only 2 lakhs are alive & registered as receiving treatment.





Activities of Medicine Club on thalassaemia

  • Aware people about thalassaemia by organizing rally, seminars, symposiums & other activities.
  • Manage free fresh blood for the thalassaemia patients.
  • Give first priority to the thalassaemia patients in blood transfusion, drug distribution & any kind of needs.
  • Fix some thalassaemia patients as Registered Recipients & give them regular treatment follow up.
  • Create a group of people as Fixed Donar who wants to donate their blood to the thalassaemia patients.

International Thalassaemia Day


Medicine Club & Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samiti jointly work on thalassaemia in Bangladesh. 8th May was international thalassaemia day. Every year,all of our units celebrate this day by organizing rally,seminar,symposium & other activities.