Unit name: Medicine Club, Mymensingh Medical College Unit

Established in: 31 January 1981


Few students of Mymensingh Medical College thought that it is wiser to spend the very little leisure time that a medical students can afford in more academic way then the general students does, playing cards or gossiping or involve in political parties. So they chalked out a blue print of an academic & non-political organization where medical students of different & brighter future. They launched a meeting in the library room of Mymensingh Medical College. That is how Medicine Club started its journey with only 32 members from 31 January 1981.

Medicine Club was started as an academic organization. But very soon, the members of this organization observed that there were many patients in hospital, who were too poor to buy their necessary drugs, operation instrument & unable to collect blood for their better treatment. Observing these situation Medicine Club executives formed ‘Patient Welfare Project’ to help those poor patients. This PWP conducts all the social welfare activities of this club. This is how Medicine Club became an academic cu social organization from 10 January 1984.

Academic activities of Medicine Club are limited to the medical students. But social welfare activities of Medicine Club are provided for all. Although officially started in 1984, the social welfare activities started from 1983 & spread in 1987. In this year Medicine Club started voluntary blood donation programme & health check-up programme. Free drug distribution to the poor patient also increased.


Medicine Club, Mymensingh Medical College Unit

First floor,

Mymensingh Medical College Hospital,


Contact no.:

Sunando Sen (President): 01711662538

Ishita Mahmud Bristy (General Secretary): 01685328885

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mc.mmcu/

Website: http://www.medicineclub-mmc.org