Unit name: Medicine Club, M Abdur Rahim Medical College Unit

Established in: 19 August 1999


Medicine Club, M Abdur Rahim Medical College Unit is established in 19 August 1999 to serve the poor and needy people of Dinajpur.

The students of M Abdur Rahim Medical College observed that there were many patients in the hospital, who were too poor to buy their necessary drugs, blood, operation instruments for their treatment. They were very interested to do something for these distressed people. In April 1997, a team came from Mymensingh Medical College to visit Dinajpur. They introduced themselves as a member of Medicine Club which is an academic cum social organization run by medical & dental students. From then some students of DjMC tried to do social activities on the name of Medicine Club.

In 1998, First convening committee was formed. Convener was Kamrul Hasan Sabuj (Dj-2). Important pioneers were Jamal Uddin Ahmed Shawon (Dj-4), Selim Ahmed (Dj-5), Ronjon Kumar Nath (Dj-5), Atiquzzaman Bindu (Dj-6), Asaduzzaman Sumon (Dj-6) & many others. 1st Executive Committee was formed in 19 August 1999, Jamal Uddin Ahmed Shawon (Dj-4) was President and Selim Ahmed (Dj-5) was General Secretary of that committee.

Former Principal Prof. Dr. Matlub Ahmed & Late Dr. Yousuf Ali Sir were main support from Medical College Authority for establishment of Medicine Club, Dinajpur Medical College Unit. To manage a room for club activities was difficult because of lack of space in DjMCH. In stair room of the hospital club activities was started. Club fund was zero. Cost of blood bags for blood donation program and reagent & lancets for blood grouping program was bought by members own money. Day by day free drug distribution, vaccination program, winter cloth distribution program, thalassaemia project and academic activities were included in club activities.

In 1999, some energetic people established a plant name Medicine Club in Dinajpur, that plant is becoming a big tree day by day.

Founder President: Jamal Uddin Ahmed Shawon (Dj-4)

Founder General Secretary: Selim Ahmed (Dj-5)


Medicine Club, M Abdur Rahim Medical College Unit

Room no.- 215 & 216, Ground floor,

M Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital,


Contact no.:

President: Priom Roy
Mobile no: 01689230733

General Secretary: Nahid Rahman
Mobile no: 01753146768

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MC.MARMCU/
Website: www.medicineclub-djmcu.org