Unit name: Medicine Club, Central Medical College Unit

Established in: 2010


Its about several years that we started our journey as a unit of Medicine Club. After admitting in medical college we got great opportunity to see & fee the misay of poor people. Many of our student thought to help them but it was not possible individually.

One day we set together from 1st year to 5th year students of our college. Those who think to help those poor people & give some valuable contribution to the society. We wanted to contribute as a unit. Then we are thinking about an organization concerning our medical education through we can provide necessary help to the poor people as well as serve our nation. Then our honorable senior Dr. Delowar Hossain proposed to establish Medicine Club to our college. Then we communicate with Central Committee of Medicine Club. From where learn about the activities of Medicine Club. Being informed all the students showed their eagerness to implement the Medicine Club.

Our convening committee had been approved in 12th Central Conference held in MMC. In 23 December we have been declared as a unit of Medicine Club in 13th Central Conference held in GSVMC.


Medicine Club, Central Medical College Unit

Central Medical College Hospital


Contact no.:

Sumit Saha (President): 01675111609

Nure Alam Jibon (General Secretary): 01742483000

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Medicine-Club-CeMC-Unit-219635521392198/