One of the major social activities of Medicine Club is collection of blood and distribute among the patients freely.



    • Blood collection :

We collect blood mainly from four sources.

1.Blood donation program :

We arrange blood donation programmes at colleges, university, many institutes & many other places.

We motivate all people for voluntary blood donation. A person can easily donate 1 unit (300-350 ml) of blood after 4 months of last donation.

Conditions of blood donation :

¤ Age – 18 to 57.

¤ Weight – Male 100 pounds & Female 95 pounds

¤ Blood pressure – Normal (100-140/60-90 mmHg)

¤ Female not undergo with pregnancy & menstruation.

Advantage :

A person who donate blood in Medicine Club gets a “Donor Card”. When require, that person can collect same amount of blood from us by showing the card.

2.Fixed donor :

There are fixed blood donors of Medicine Club who donate blood regularly to us. We preserve their address & contact no. In emergency blood requirement we contact with them. They also get the advantage of Donor Card” .We have also fixed donors for thalassaemia patients.

3.Medical College Students :

Medical College hostel is the most dependable source of blood. All students donate blood regularly. We preserve data of blood group, contact no. & room no. of all students of all batches.

4.Exchange :

Exchange is the another source of collection of blood.



    • Blood distribution :

We distribute blood to the patients by following ways-

1.Exchange :

The main condition of blood distribution is exchange. We give 1 unit of blood to the patient & patient also give us 1 unit of blood.

2.Free :

In some cases we distribute blood without any condition. Patient who does have any donor for exchange but his/her condition is serious, then we distribute them blood without any condition.

3.Thalassaemia patients :

Thalassaemia patients get blood from us without any condition. For thalassaemia patients, we have specific “thalassaemia patient form”.